Mar. 19, 2017

March 19, 2017

Did you happen to watch Miranda Esmonde-White's PBS Member Drive special, "Forever Painless" last weekend on TPT-TV?  Fantastic research on pain and mobility!  You guessed it---gentle movement in all directions greatly reduces joint and muscle pain.  Miranda is a genius for developing this fantastic program known as Classical Stretch and ESSENTRICS.
No worries if you missed the program; it will be airing again in April:
I've been doing Miranda's program for at least 10 years.  Pain relief was one of the things that attracted me to ESSENTRICS; the side benefits of slimming down, standing taller, improved flexibily and better balance were added bonuses.
So many people have commented on how much taller and looser they feel after taking an ESSENTRICS class; so much more relaxed and just better!  I hope you, too, find the benefits of this total body workout.