Feb. 26, 2017

Febrauary 26, 2017 Passed ESSENTRICS Level 4!

I'm so excited to have completed my ESSENTRICS Level 4 Certification!  Probably the most frequently asked question is "How did you find ESSENTRICS, and what made you decide to teach fitness classes again?"

I have been doing home workouts for a number of years and stumbled upon the PBS show Classical Stretch and ESSENTRICS.  I immediately fell in love with the unique, flowy movements and how the workouts left me feeling energized.  I also noticed that my back and hip pain were greatly reduced.  I was hooked!

It was on my "bucket list" to meet the creator of Classical Stretch and ESSENTRICS, Miranda Esmonde-White.  After attending the Estes Park ESSENTRICS retreat In May 2015, I was encouraged to teach the method and purchased the instructor training.

The rest is history!  I enjoy learning about ESSENTRICS, and sharing this wonderful workout with others.  I hope you too love and find the benefit of this intelligent approach to fitness.