Dec. 29, 2017

I"m on vacation....but will be ready to get back to my regular Essentrics workouts. I feel so much looser and comfortable in my body doing these workouts. Hope to see you in class in January!

Nov. 11, 2017

It's been a while since I have written anything!  So just gets away from me.  

In October I have the privilege of teaching and presenting at the 1st Annual Midwest Getaway in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  It was such an amazing experience to teach with 2 other experienced Level 4 Essentrics instructors.  I learned so much from them!  Equally amazing was meeting friends from all over the country who love Essentrics as much as I do!

I've included a picture of the 3 of us who led the Midwest Getaway.  Cassandra McCoy (host and very good friend), Susan Mead (new friend), and myself.

Essentrics is such a special program.  It's main purpose is to rebalance the entire body head to you can do whatever it is in life with a wide margin of comfort.  Please make time to include this therapeutic workout.  You will feel amazing, and your body will thank you!

Jun. 11, 2017

Let's keep all those joints and muscles lubricated and limber!  ESSENTRICS will help you rebalance your body so that you can enjoy everything you love about summer in Minnesota.  Next series begins July 11; hope to see you there.

May. 2, 2017

Registration for the Midwest ESSENTRICS Getaway in Tulsa, Oklahoma is now open!  If you're looking for an affordable ESSENTRICS getaway packed full of the good stuff, this is the event for you!  Three fully certified instructors including myself will be teaching at this event.  The weekend will include 5 ESSENTRICS classes, a board style discussion, and break out sessions.  The event is capped at 30 participants, so you won't want to wait on registering.

Interested in attending?  Please visit the Midwest ESSENTRICS Getaway website:



Apr. 2, 2017

Exciting news!  I will be teaching and presenting at an ESSENTRICS retreat in Oklahoma this October.  I'm so excited to be involved with this project and just very flattered to be included in the planning!  

The teaching team includes three fully certified ESSENTRICS instructors including myself.  The itinerary includes a weekend full of classes, breakout sessions, hikes and plenty of time for socializing with other ESSENTRICS fans.

 I know it is a distance, but if you find yourself in the area please consider attending this retreat! For more information and updates or to register, please visit